Artwork Guide

A guide to how to supply your artwork


Bleed template

Bleed is the little bit of extra that goes around all the edges of your print. It is needed because we print on oversized sheets then cut the sheets down to the required size, accuracy of cutting can be out by up to 1mm which means if you don’t have bleed on your artwork you won’t have your background colour/picture on the edge of the print, there will be a white line on one side.

As a rule of thumb we ask for a 3mm bleed on all the edges, so as an example you will supply your A6 flyer with the dimensions 111 x 154mm and after we have printed and trimmed it it is returned to you at the standard A6 size of 105 x 148mm.

If your printing has a white background with no images or designs going right to the edge of the page then you don’t really need bleed although it’s best practise to include bleed as a rule.

Paper sizes with bleedA6A5A4
Cut Size148mm x 105mm210mm x 148mm297mm x 210mm
Artwork size with bleed154mm x 111mm216mm x 154mm303mm x 216mm


We can accept lots of different file formats but we prefer PDF files.
If you are struggling to produce pdf files then the highest quality jpeg is preferred, 300 dpi if possible.