All data collected by Digital Impressions Ltd is stored securely and not shared with any other person/business without your authority.

Files stored by us long term

by this we mean any files we store on our system indefinitely such as artwork created by us or any files you give to us that you want us to keep hold of. In general if you supply us with artwork that has been created by you or a third party we delete after it has been printed/processed.


we keep all emails for approximately 1 year, if you want us to delete your email immediately after we have dealt with it please inform us, we only keep emails for so long because we regularly receive requests to reprint documents that have been lost by the sender.

By data we mean any of the following:

  • Personal information you give us including email addresses, telephone numbers, addresses etc.
  • Any files you may share with us via email or any other method such as memory sticks.

Digital Impressions Ltd is committed to processing data in accordance with its responsibilities under the GDPR.